Saturday, Day 0, Bread Day part 2

I have one lump of dough is both proofing and defrosting. Another set of dough-in-potentia is waiting for Wilson to rise to the occasion. There's one new case in the books, keeping the total at twelve.

Twelve is better than twenty-five. I gotta say it. It's still not as cool as six or less.

It's feast day, so I have nebulous plns to indulge in the carbs. All whilst making breads.

In the news:

  • Continuing hilarity as Redditors and common folk firkin wreck the stock market and therefore the economy
  • Australia has a Plan B for a vaccine crisis and it is: Grab the Novavax
  • The term "anal swab test" is now a thing, and it's apparently a better way to detect the plague? It's also the hottest new phrase in the late nite talk show circuit
  • QAnon minions think the California fires were started by Jewish-owned space lasers. I shit you not
  • PETA wants people to stop using animal terms when insulting people, accusing everyone of 'speciesism' 9_9 Just admit you're all moonmelon vegans and go home
  • Tiniest shop worth the most per square foot because tourist dollar. Shocking
  • AusPost posties caught on camera being lazy flakks
  • Restaurant puts reviews on their menu flyer. Including BAD reviews
  • Johnson&Johnson famous makers of bandaids, have come up with a vaccine you only need to put in the fridge. It's looking real good
  • Diverse alarms as plague detected in sewerage all over Queensland
  • World totes jealous about images of Aussie Open crowds
  • Muppet surfaces from the swamp to take aim at a lady who voted against him in the impeachment nonsense
  • Google's annoying ad about not paying people for their searches prompts people to switch to Bing and Duckduckgo. People. Don't use Bing. Go to Duckduck or Ecosia. Pls
  • Leet room painting skillz go viral on TikTok

The starter is almost at the crucial point for bread nonsense, so let's try and get a story out of me.