Monday, Day 2, Early Start

I woke up at a little around half-past two this AM. Refreshed and such because Essential Nanna Nap is part of my Sunday Routine. I didn't want to get up and do my arts and farts stuff, but I made myself do the thing. I can get two pages written before my hand starts to cramp. Good progress. Or at least, progress.

If I can do that every morning I wake up early, there's a good chance I can get the journal 'finished' by the time the game meets back up again. I only have until 90-some percent of ALL OF AUSTRALIA is vaccinated and life returns to something approaching normal. Given how much they're faffing about over this, I have oodles of time.

Today, I wake up Miss Chaos at roughly 6AM and chase her to get clean and dressed in daily clothes as practice for the approaching back-to-school Wednesday.

I have also started writing KOSTSS, and still considering an alternate title. Not stressing about the word count yet. It's write until bored and then chill. I'll see what my word count is by Friday.

In the News:

  • Ivanka wants a "clean break" from daddy's reign
  • Bushfires in Adelaide
  • Capitol rioters, who TAPED THEMSELVES COMMITTING FEDERAL CRIMES could get off without charges? WTFH?
  • Travellers are forging Covid test results so they can travel. The nongs
  • Government insists the vaccine is "on track" for scheduled rollout
  • NZ has its first local case in months, as someone tested positive after their release from quarantine. All found contacts so far are in lockdown. Suspected infection in quarantine is the working theory
  • Plague detected in Sydney's sewerage and it's set off an alert for the entire city
  • Infamous sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein apparently had an "epic bromance" with the orange canker
  • Multi-agency operation rescues 33 kids from LA
  • Russia arrests 2.5K people who wanted the opposition leader released from prison
  • Couple married for 70 years die hand-in-hand just days before they were due to get the vaccine
  • Ross River Fever changes a mum's life
  • Plague after-effects are nasty. Memory loss, heart issues, and fatigue
  • Tennis star who tested positive for plague took selfie with improper mask wearing evident
  • Karen calls cops after missing out on Macca's brekkie cutoff
  • Biden's election proves Australia couldn't get that far
  • Debate over Australia/Invasion Day fires up again

I have a daughter to wake, a house to unfuck, and some fiction to write.

Let's get on with things.