Thursday, Day 1, Shenanigans

Holding stable at seven active cases. Keeping an eye on the nonsense. Because seeing another Day 12 is my fondest dream. I have gone out without a mask at freaking last, but I'm still doing the social distancing and hand sanitiser when available, and still not lingering very long in the general emporia.

I miss browsing.

Overflow has closed down and debunked since the last time I was there. The sign's still up but there's nothing in the shell. A little scary, but also understandable. I was probably like 20% of their profit margin.

Today, I am under orders to obtain a sampler of apples so Miss Chaos can decide on her favourite snack fruit. Including Red Delicious, which is neither.

That's going to be "fun"... Going to get some weird looks for sure. Especially since different apples of similar sizes are different prices per kilo. Commerce is deranged.

In the news:

  • New cases in Victoria
  • Beaches ruined by drifts of garbage
  • You can now get your gaytime in super-crunchy. Yes, Golden Gaytime is now a popcorn flavour
  • Conspiracy theories about the plague jab abound. We're trying to apply science, but it might not work
  • Government agency hacked, 30K Aussies pay the price
  • Plague conspiracist who bragged about breaching quarantine has gone to a nunnery to "get closer to God". Selfish bitch better get a solid wake-up call while she's there
  • Plague hits the Aussie Open - a crowded event that welcomes a multitude of travelers from overseas. Who could have seen this coming -oh- EVERYBODY
  • Side-effects of getting the plague jab include - soreness in the area, headache, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, muscle/joint pain. Still worth it, say I
  • ScoMo warns that the jab is not a "silver bullet" and says we should all get the shot
  • Australia demands freedom for Putin's latest political enemy
  • Teacher calls Bernie's mittens "white male privilege" and I'm like ??? Anyone? Can wear? MITTENS???
  • Tech madman Elon Musk claims brain chip allowed a monkey to play video games with its mind
  • Dishwasher tablets now the miracle cleaning accessory. Wear THICK gloves, people, those chemicals are no freaking joke
  • Don't buy blue swimwear for your kids, they could turn invisible in the pool
  • Government says sex therapy is off the NDIS list of things you can get
  • Billionaire and expoitative arsehole Jeff Bezos quits being the Amazon wage-slave master, but not really. He's Executive Chair of the Amazon Board. Things not predicted to change for warehouse workers
  • Australia to China: "We have tungsten too! And we're going to sell it cheaper! Nerny nerny ner ner!"

Yeah this is not going to end well, but... does anything?