Thursday, Day Zero, Frustration

One new case from overseas, but the total of active cases is zero. I'm breathing a little easier.

I don't know what's going on, but no pens are working to a point where adding to the journal is easy. I'm going to experiment with brushes. Dollar shop soft bristle nonsense. I'm not going to drop like $20 on something that will be ruined in the process and also might not work.

Only after trying all traditional methods of ink delivery, I will acquire a fineliner felt and firkin use that. Bugger this. I can add ink blots any time I feel like it if it comes to that.

...mumblegrumble artisinal paper muttergrump...

Miss Chaos is back to school with the usual amount of enthusiasm - nil. I'm back to writing a novel, but far, far slower than I used to do it. The Plague is still eating my brain and I don't expect too much out of it until the disaster is over. So... long about 2027, according to the estimates I've seen on my news feed.

That's a hell of a long time to be crawling along with my novel process. Fingers crossed, I should get back to my daily 500 before that year drags around. We'll see.

A peek at the news:

  • Photos of mass graves in the UK
  • China flexes its military at the US
  • Cyclist rejected from job after nudie shoot was found, possibly by the men on the team she was hoping to work with
  • Pharmacist who intentionally sabotaged 550 plague vaccines pleads guilty
  • Muppet's legacy may be the destruction of the party he aligned with
  • Former Muppet minion, Kellyanne Conway now guilty of distributing child porn - of her own daughter at age 16
  • Expert says Australia can continue being a dick in regards to climate change
  • Woolies now worth billions, thanks to China
  • Aussie vaccine plan includes hubs where you can get a jab, scattered all over the country
  • US news celebrates sign language interpreters added to White House briefings
  • Body found in wheelie bin in Western Australia dam now identified, police begging for help
  • Serena Williams endorses Aussie quarantine protocol that most others slam as insane

And now I go work on a thing. Woo.