D O N E !

I have leftover coodles, one head of cauliflower, and the equivalent of one and a half sugarloaf cabbages. All of which, I am leaving to my Beloved to cook something out of it all.

I have Tuna steaks, which could theoretically be fried today and packed up with the leftover coodles, but there is just one small snag.

The new freezer is full to the brim with pre-packaged frozen meals.

Chaos, for the record, has already started helping me eat it all. I've got maybe enough spare coodles for two servings, but I really want to motivate myself to even cook, today.

I'll be working on the Wordpress Wednesday today. A day late, but I think I have a pretty reasonable excuse - aka, worked off my butt.

Better news for me, the D&D game is back on. If not this week, then real soon to now. I am very much excited to play again.

Onwards to the mayhem.