Challenge #02576-G019: The Test

The researcher's eyes widened suddenly, as the battered body on the table began to slowly smile, fingers flexing and eyes turning towards the now-trembling man as the realization struck him like a punch to the gut...

"Oh... Oh no... Oh God no... You... you've been letting us do this to you. The experiments, the punishments, all of it. You wanted us to... to test you. Because if we know the extent of what you can do... do you." -- Anon Guest

Not-fun Science Fact: Humans make terrible experimental subjects. -- excerpt from the surviving notes of Taanus Klav.

Humans go missing all the time. Some of them, interestingly, want to go missing. Most of them don't. Of the Humans who go missing, their last known location frequently correlates to the location of cave systems. Of the remainder? There's a high likelihood that they were Taken by Xenoscientists. Their experiments generally centre around how much these new species can tolerate and how useful they might be as a workforce in covert facilities.

Klav had most of her subjects running a gauntlet. She thought she had a perfect subject for subjugation. Scans showed plenty of survived injuries and a previous environment of deprivation. She thought this one would be easy to keep docile with simple measures.

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