I Wore Myself Out

All the chaos of yesterday meant that, by about one in the afternoon, I was DONE with the day. I also had to wait for Chaos to come home, go out shopping for more vegetables, and start prepping so that all the meat prepared in the morning would have a side to go with when they enter our (tada!) brand new freezer!

The new upright freezer is looking very swish. It has a temperature readout, it has an alert to let you know you've been leaving it open too long, it even has flip panels for easy access, in the top two shelves. It is amazeballs. The old one has gone for safe disposal and, to be more than honest, we don't miss it very much.

Honestly, the old one was made for long-term storage of things, not daily access by a family of four.

For those of you who are thinking of food prep, I have to warn you: The worst part of prepping meals in advance is all the washing up afterwards. It's an entire bag of suck. And cleaning up after Monday's cooking extravaganza was part of the reason why I was DONE by 1PM.

The menu of prepping today only includes the lowest-effort stuff. Cauli Mash and Coodles [cabbage noodles, also known as Caboodles]. There is going to be FUCKTONS of prepped meals by the time I'm done and dusted with all of this mess.

Chaos' bus arrives sometime closer to 7:45, so I'm about due to watch for that business.

If I have leftover veg' and run out of meats (haha!) then I have some fish steaks I can gently cook until I actually run out. Individually wrapped (gah! Sorry, environment) so I can refreeze anything left over at the end.

Yoiks and away...