Challenge #02575-G018: Gently, Gently

Two children have been good friends since the time they were in the same daycare together. They grew up as neighbors and even go to a mixed school. One child is a havenworlder, one child is a human. The human child is having a birthday party and has invited their best friend to the party. The parents need to have a long talk so it is fun and safe for all. -- Anon Guest

When you grow up with something, that's what normal is. Tan knew Lith as a friend who was always there. They had been in each other's lives forever. Lith had learned how to be gentle with Tan before ze began to form permanent memories. Tan learned that Lith was strong before she could properly talk.

They were neighbours, and shared a backyard with nature, and it was always Lith who watched out for Tan, and Tan who found the really interesting and cool things they could both wonder at. They had fun together and enjoyed each other's company. It was when they entered school that things changed. Havenworlders like Tan were kept apart from Deathworlders like Lith. It was a safety issue, since not everybody got to grow with a cool friend and neighbour like Tan.

When both friends wanted to share a party, some intense preparation had to come into play. Starting with a fortnight for the class, learning how to behave around Havenworlders, and the repeated phrase, "It's hard to have fun when a friend is hurt." Lith talked about hir friend and how they had fun together, and the entire class learned about Havenworlders and what they could tolerate.

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