I finished painting the Kobold and you can see a turn-around here Yes, that is my palm and paint-stains you see there. Kobold minis are TINY as FUCK, peeps.

But I'm done painting minis, until such time as (a) I get my Bugbear printed, (b) Mayhem gets his own minis and wants colours on them, or (c) someone PAYS me [12/hour plus cost of paint pots beyond my extant colours. Special rates for Small creatures. As in, they're going to cost more.]

So now I should practice calligraphy with my glass pen, write some things to go in the journal, and otherwise create a thing in the real world from Imagination Land (tm). Simply because I want to do it.

I'm gonna be drafting some of those entries in my spare time. Taking my ease at it because it's not that important. It's a shits-and-giggles art project and not vital. I just want to do it because I can.

In the Good News Department, the Climate Inaction Squad will no longer be able to point to China as a reason not to do anything. China is taking steps to clean their air, clean their energy, and otherwise clean up their act. Admittedly, with stringent laws that wouldn't fly in western-influence countries, but the steps are frikkin' there.

Which means that Australia will have to bite the bullet because it'll run out of countries to ship our coal to. If our government stops taking coal mine money and actually work on getting alternate energy, we might actually have an economic boom rather than continually circling the drain.

...but nobody's ever accused our 'glorious' leaders of being smart about anything, nor of having a finger anywhere near the pulse. Sigh.

Onwards to the fiction. I can handle that better.