I recorded another story this morning, just in case the five I have are too short for episode three. I started putting ep three together and I should have that in the can by tomorrow afternoon.

What did not happen was the 1K words I had pln'd. It was a very busy day. I got a lot of the stuff on my shopping list [forgot Chaos' cupcakes] but I didn't have a lot of energy for writing after that.

Did get all the content out so yay for that, I guess.

Today... Wordpress Wednesday is going to be about my bad coping strategies back in the day. I should cover all of them, the one success, the numerous failures. My emotional journey during my formative years and the abject relief of getting out of the crushing atmosphere in public school.

My mental scars run deep, and I still find myself butting up against the odd, old survival strategy.

More on that later today.

For now... I focus on the content.