Achievement Unlocked?

Things done so far:

[X] Supplies acquired

[X] New version of my Windoze simulator

[X] Unfucked the translation macro that turns a single *.md file into several other files

[X] Begun fixing the actual file

There's three hundred and sixty-five stories, each of which has to be put on a new page, have the title separated from the content, scoured for footnotes, bookmarked and linked if there are.

I'm doing ten at a time and that does NOT make progress any faster. Just tolerable. I'm into the twenties and aim to get to at least a hundred today. With breaks for other projects.

But first? I'm doing the stuff you see on the daily. Starting with today's Instant. Then I'm doing ten chapters before launching into today's TAZ ficlet.

That's the PLN. I need to take my coffee and meds and then I'm off on the slog. Blugh.

May the errata messages be minimal