Dee AN Dee! Dee AN Dee!

It's game night tonight, so I'm going to be down by who-knows-how-much for snacks and drinks.

I've reached my 3K for this week in KOSBOB, I'm not painting any minis today. Not even putting on a coat of primer. Pippi is probably going to get her stitches out tomorrow -yay- and I am already planning to be wrecked for the day.

There's also a Toasty Stream EARLY on Sunday morning, so immediately after that is when I shall be putting primer on my dude. Basic grey. Works very well. All colours shall get two coats of application before I do any overpainting.

I have my process. I have honed my skills. I'm fairly certain I know what I'm doing...

...but I'm doing it next week. So I can take my time and do it carefully.

Onwards to some fun stuff. Whee!