A 1-post collection


We have liftoff! Inter-Mission is officially on the interwebs and now what do I do?

...make episode 6 of course.

Well, yes, but I also have to tell everyone it exists, and I have also done that bit. If you check the menu, you'll see it there in all caps, right under "Buy my books!"

I have two followers already. This is kind of intense. Fingers crossed, this gets someone to capital-N Notice me (senpai)... maybe get a deal somehow.

I dunno.

I need to deep-dive research the whole Twitter Pitch thing, what the hashtags are, and whether that's an option when trawling for agents. I should at least try to sell them Adapting before I surrender it to Smashwords and the aether.

...which will mean I need to edit all the other books that have been mouldering by the wayside and no betas got back to me and AUGH! Life sucks.

I'm pondering putting more chapters of unedited stuff up on my Wordpress, but I have too many other things to rant about yet. Which reminds me. I needs must punch up another poll.

Here it is. Vote now. Vote often.

With good fortune, I should be able to finish up with the posts for the Kitty Kondo(tm), today. Just in time for the weekend so that Beloved and I can assemble the thing. Maybe.

We have a defunct garden bed to clear out, corners to mark, concrete to pour... It seems and feels a little on the overwhelming side? Like... we have a WEEK to do this. ONE. WEEK.

We gotta get a lot of shit done, this weekend.

...i'm scared...