Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done...

Today's title comes from this lovely tune which suits me to a T today. I am DONE.

I finished Clockwork Souls yesterday, and I just now got it converted to assorted formats for interested beta readers.

Loyal readers of this particular blog can read/comment on the docx version here if they so choose.

I've enabled commenting in all formats in the Clockwork Souls folder on my Google drive.

Not that I expect much action from this. But I will be looking for expressions of interest on my assorted forums on Monday.

And I JUST accidentally posted all three of my Blasts without adhering to the proper schedule. Turns out random farting between posts is a valid method of delay.

Who knew?

Today is a day of no plans, so I'm already in my Kigu and warm socks. Perfect for winter wear.