Friday, Refined Schedule, Unfucking, and Nearly Done

I have not reached the final words of A Devil's Tale just yet. I would be doing a lot more buildup of that if I knew I was close.

I am almost done with my maps for Candy Heist.

I just have to furnish the map I started on yesterday and it's all good to go.

...which means I have to unearth the Candy Heist document and make sure I have tokens to put on the map. Quick search and piccrew will likely be my friends.

After I clean out the catio today, I'll start the process for more bread. I'm halfway through my last loaf, so starting the next one makes sense.

Ingrid (my starter) is well fed and needs halving and feeding, so I shall see what 85g of chia does in 780g of water over four hours.

I'm going to try doing the last proof of the bread in the bread mould, as well as keeping the divided dough cold so I have time to re-heat the dutch oven.

Kind of a little bit tired of my second loaf turning out "doughy".

Offerings soon. I need to get a wriggle on before the temperature gets criminal.


I was almost too late :P