I just finished episode 2 of Inter-Mission and my next battle is recording the next set of stories for the masses.

Somewhere out there is a hyper-specific gremlin who will appreciate what I'm doing here. I hope they have lots of gremlin friends.

Speaking as a self-confessed hyper-specific gremlin - I feel you, pal. Been there, done that, been scoffed at by the "normals"... 'druther be a gremlin.

Anyway... This week spurs a four-week journey in which I detail my personal experiences with Autism. Specifically, the kind of Autism that can't be pigeon-holed into "high functioning", "asperger's", or "low functioning". It's more than a sliding scale, folks. It's a salad/dessert bar. As I will explain in one or more of these rants.


I have the brat run, soon, so I'm taking a wee break before commencing on the storytelling for today.