Challenge #02310-F120: Love Hateful Relationship 2:56

Humans love Alcohol. No Point in denying that. However, that just takes the cake.

Aliens are mortified by that. Even other Deathworlders. -- Anon Guest

They say that alcohol is a basic form of inebriant amongst any carbon-based lifeform. The ones saying it the most often are the ones who have made alcohol an inherent portion of their culture. Many Human cultures claim that alcohol brewing should be integral within the stages of civilisation advancement.

This says more about Humanity than Humanity might want you to know.

As do other events when history repeats itself in areas most desperate. Some might say that it is proof that history repeats. Others will say that it's proof that history is only repeated by those incapable of learning from it. Far more accurate sorts will say that it's an example of how certain philosophies should be made extinct.

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