One More Day

So I read this morning that killer humidity is going to be a thing. Like, air so hot and thick with water that people are going to die.

Billionaires who found enough funds to re-roof Notre Dame could easily initiate moves that would turn this shit around. They won't, because that will hit their precious profit margin.

They won't do anything until the deaths mount into the thousands. They will keep denying in the name of profit until denial becomes unprofitable. After all, dead people can't spend money.

By the time they actually move? It will be too late for literal millions.

It may even be too late for everyone, including the people for whom the love of money was the only thing that mattered. That old axiom about the last tree versus being able to eat money comes repeatedly to my mind.

Pity it hasn't come to any of theirs.

Rich people.

I swear they think money can get them out of any crisis. It's done that all their lives. They've got out of any consequences because the law is for people who can't afford the fines.

Well. The fines for this crisis happen to include the death of everything. Not just poor people. It's the death of crops, the death of cattle, the death of the oceans... and the death of people. Even rich people.

I hope and pray that something happens, but cynicism tells me it won't.

...and I have to keep on going because it's all I've got.