And Now For The Depression

A 14-post collection

So here's teh PLN

1) Write the blog for today
2) Go on a money run for cashes
3) Somehow manage to make it through this week without further expenses because cleaning this week costs me $300 out of my $400 budget
3)a. Instant Story on the daily
4) Have a birthmas on Friday


Birthmasses be expense.

My car needs coolant. I haven't sold a single album, so I can't even justify making music... or what passes for my music.

Nobody buys my books. Nobody buys my music. Nobody wants to pay for a Ko-fi. I got like 22 people giving me a dollar on Patreon and that's... cool. But it doesn't pay for much.

I can't even think of anything really scary for All Hallow's Read. I mean, the world's in the hand of xenophobic dictatorial arseholes, the amazon is on fire, the people who could do something about the state of the world choose to attack a teenaged girl rather than do anything because it's unprofitable to do otherwise.

Unless I do another two-night inspiration thing, I doubt there's going to be anything new for this year. The world is frightening enough, methinks, with all the demons among us.


If all that has gone wrong has gone wrong, I might as well throw my MS at people. They can only reject me.

But I Wanna...

I have to notch the last post in my queue, measure a bunch of boards and cut them to size because they don't match the measurements in the PLN, mark them up for notches and then calibrate the circular saw so the notches match the PLN.

But I wanna...

  • Stay in bed
  • Do nothing
  • Zone out on fids all day
  • Binge Good Omens again
  • Eat ice cream all day
  • Catch up on Critical Role
  • Just fucking chill.


But I can't. Because

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One More Day

So I read this morning that killer humidity is going to be a thing. Like, air so hot and thick with water that people are going to die.

Billionaires who found enough funds to re-roof Notre Dame could easily initiate moves that would turn this shit around. They won't, because that will hit their precious profit margin.

They won't do anything until the deaths mount into the thousands. They will keep denying in the name of profit until denial becomes unprofitable. After

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...I Forgot

to post my Patreon stuff yesterday. Whoops.

I also messed myself up by forgetting to give myself $70 when getting my cash, this Monday.

I am just full of fuckup this week. Probably because coming down off of carbs.

Today's Instant will likely be late because of fixing some of that, but at least I shall schedule my Blasts before I go on a journey to unriddle whatever dinner's going to be.

Though it shall likely be leftovers, since the fridge is

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I Need a Break

Financial, emotional, whatever. No matter what relief I need, the only break I'm ever offered is skeletal.

We're overspending. And my finances mount up to a quarter of Beloved's income. The remainder of that does not cover the bills. And to put things into perspective, I can't just go out and flip burgers. I'm forty-five. I have few marketable skills. I'm not going to be preferred over someone else who can work for less, for longer.

Should I try to re-enter the

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It's taken me five years, but I figured out how to have an icon/avatar in AO3. All by myself. Yay.

I managed to get Mayhem to agree to getting his paperwork done for the most important digits of his entire firkin life.

I still haven't sent Adapting off to anyone else, but that's my problem and not something I can deal with in the middle of everything else.

And in other news, I am officially worried about my Friendo. They're... not

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I may have entered Holiday Mode. In which I space out for longer than usual and take a relaxed attitude towards everything I do. Everything still gets done, no mistake.

It's just that it's way more spaced out than usual.

Who knew I was attuned to the school schedule this hard?

It's nearly seven and I haven't done shit for getting my work done. Mayhem has a Webinar tonight and a job tomorrow. It's going to be fun keeping track of those.

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PLNs, Effort, and Reward

It was a quiet weekend, all up. And, for the record, Beloved and I finally got to watch the Lego Batman Movie. The internet was right. It is the best Batman movie ever.

My PLNs for today involve the usual cleaning and writing, but also include a new discovery called Crack Slaw. To anyone who watches that video - go ahead and follow that dude. He is gorgeous.

I'll be making a variant on this deliciousness for tonight's dinner. Alas, all coleslaw

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National Holiday

It's ANZAC day, so Australia is taking the day off. Shops are still open, but many of us are not planning to use them and, in typical Aussie tradition, we will be celebrating at some part of the day by setting something on fire.

Gotta love a nation made out of tinder that celebrates things with outdoor cookery and flame.

For the most part, today will be a day at home with nothing much happening. BUT... I have some good news! Smashwords

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Hello, Goodbye...

Of all the unfair things that this world gives us, it's the fact that our pets don't live as long as we do.

I spent my bedtime last night crying and shaking because I know that my cat has to die. She is not the happiest of campers and spends too much time just staying very still. She'll eat chicken hearts with gusto, but that seems to be all the gusto that she has left.

She can't clean herself. She's taken to

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Ow, and more ow to come

Yesterday was a marathon. It involved cleaning the kids' morass of mess up so that their rooms would once again be live-able.

My back hurt so bad that it was hard to get to sleep. Or stay asleep

And now I have more of the same with an embuggerance in the middle. Because the nice ppl at QML managed to double-book my harness appointment and it's either travel to Tullagawoopwoop for one they have elsewhere, or get another appointment to see IF

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Whatever Chaos has, Mayhem has definitely caught. They both have a wet cough and difficulty swallowing. Antibiotics do not help, because Mayhem has been taking them and he still hasn't got any better.

Chaos is due to see a closer paediatrician this afternoon, but I am going to complain to the GPs first, because medicine is supposed to help people be well.

I have a stabbing pain in my chest that I know is anxiety because I finally sent off that sample

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I need a Paypal Donate button

::Strums off-key guitar like I know what I'm doing but I clearly do not:: Yeah, got the, outta money for four days, can't do jack about it bluuuuuuuuueeeeeeees... (Ga-thunk, ga-thunk, ga-thunk, abowm-bowm...)

Don't worry, dear readers. We have enough stores to weather the thin patch. It's going to be a can of arseholes and a sack of armpits to deal with, but... we've dealt with worse.

Try being out of cash for a week, sometime.

Sigh. Times are tough.

I need new

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Day 16 of mail-watching

Sill nothing. Our postie is a nice human. I only had to explain my predicament once, and now they’re apologising for the lack of parcels.

I’m also using the house security system to keep an eye out for the parcel post truck, just in case. I know they come by sometime after the postie… if they have a parcel to deliver.

Knowing my luck with these, my copy of Vice Quadrant will turn up on the protest day and

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