Whatever Chaos has, Mayhem has definitely caught. They both have a wet cough and difficulty swallowing. Antibiotics do not help, because Mayhem has been taking them and he still hasn't got any better.

Chaos is due to see a closer paediatrician this afternoon, but I am going to complain to the GPs first, because medicine is supposed to help people be well.

I have a stabbing pain in my chest that I know is anxiety because I finally sent off that sample of KFZ to a potential agent. I have six weeks of waiting to see if I am worthy. Six weeks means that it will be my birthday when I get the news.

I'm not sitting still, though. I'm still powering on with Beauties and the Beastly. I'll give it until half-past September before I bug my Betas about feedback for Adapting.

And speaking of September...

I'm getting more and more certain that 95% of my followers are spambot related because, of the 300+ people now following my blog, only two have actually entered. I know I designed this competition to avoid spambots... but GDI.

I guess what I currently have to offer is not very attractive.

OR I'm right and 95% of my follower count is spambots.

Either way you slice it, things are not looking that great for this humble blogger.

I'm dragging both my little darlings back to the doctors' this morning. First to find out what is actually wrong with them and secondly to harangue them about the useless antibiotics.

AND I still have to do my everyday nonse, because the planet doesn't stop rotating because my kids are sick. My income, small as it is, depends on daily content. The notes I get, small as they are, depend on daily content.

It's a good thing I'm pathologically opposed to advertising on my pages, because lord knows I would not get anything resembling a red cent from anyone spamming on my crap.

And -hooray- here comes another emotional spiral where I try valiantly to suck it up and tough it out and end up some weeks later in a flood of tears. I hate these times when I think I'm no good to anyone. It's always over some little blip in the grand scheme of things that does not, ultimately, have any consequence.

But -hey- when you feel like an ant, even a tiny blip feels like Everest.