It's taken me five years, but I figured out how to have an icon/avatar in AO3. All by myself. Yay.

I managed to get Mayhem to agree to getting his paperwork done for the most important digits of his entire firkin life.

I still haven't sent Adapting off to anyone else, but that's my problem and not something I can deal with in the middle of everything else.

And in other news, I am officially worried about my Friendo. They're... not in a good place, and the current forces of fate are not being kind to their future. And worse - there is literally nothing much I can do for them.

I'm struggling to keep things stable for us. I can't make miracles for my friend happen. I don't even have the wherewithal to send them the $100 a week that they'd need just to keep ahead of all the noise in their life.

And that's all it'd take to make the difference between circling the drain. $100 a week would take care of all their worries and maybe even help them save something.

I've got my own concerns with a dying compy and all [Give me some money, the picture links are up the top of the page] and I can't even make $100 a week to send...

Hello, rock. Hello, hard place. Fancy meeting you here.