Day 16 of mail-watching

Sill nothing. Our postie is a nice human. I only had to explain my predicament once, and now they’re apologising for the lack of parcels.

I’m also using the house security system to keep an eye out for the parcel post truck, just in case. I know they come by sometime after the postie… if they have a parcel to deliver.

Knowing my luck with these, my copy of Vice Quadrant will turn up on the protest day and I have to keep everything to myself until it’s over.

I already have a plan to write up everything so I can spam the fuck about it when the day of silence is done. Which means that this thing will fucking turn up 48 hours after I’ve given up hope. Which will be the day after I die because I’m that kind of nerd.

I will take up the offer of sharesies on my birthday, though. Because nobody deserves to miss out on their favourites in their birthday. Right?

Oh well.

Maybe tomorrow.