I need a Paypal Donate button

::Strums off-key guitar like I know what I'm doing but I clearly do not:: Yeah, got the, outta money for four days, can't do jack about it bluuuuuuuuueeeeeeees... (Ga-thunk, ga-thunk, ga-thunk, abowm-bowm...)

Don't worry, dear readers. We have enough stores to weather the thin patch. It's going to be a can of arseholes and a sack of armpits to deal with, but... we've dealt with worse.

Try being out of cash for a week, sometime.

Sigh. Times are tough.

I need new pants, the cat has a cut above her eye that needs stitches, Chaos needs some super-expensive gear that you can't even rent and try to help her not pour herself over everyone and their kid brother's dog... the super-expensive help she's already getting is going to firkin dry up at the end of the year...

My car needs fuel and I can't pay for it because I had to buy the reserve car some fuel... but that's the kind of problem that encapsulates its own solution. Gonna pinch the reserve car when I absolutely, positively need it and then nick off for fuel for my car when we actually have money.

There's only so long I can last without Steam Powered Giraffe soothing my anxieties on the road.

IF I knew how to code and IF I knew how to make it a can't-get-rid-of-the-fucker feature, I would have a "Support this artist and donate!" button nice and prominent in the upper left corner. Minimum donation, one dollar.

Then five dollars, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred option buttons. And, of course, a choose-your-own donation option for the really high rollers. [For $100 I will write up a little thing about whatever thing you're doing online and link directly to it, thus upping your Google search score]

Gimmie $5000 and I will write you anything you like. Just for you. Seriously. I will drop my current project just to work on your thing. [Though I draw the line at incest and pedo fic. That's just disgusting] Just please keep in mind that anything over 500 words a day tends to ruin my wrists and I will probably bug you for details if I'm unfamiliar with the source material. [And, as a side bonus, I will also give you access to the WIP so you can check it for details. Either by Google Docs or Novl'r. Buyer's choice.]

File that under Caveat Emptor.

The economy as it stands can not support a single-income household, any more. I currently lack the skills or sense to have a "real job" and doing service sector work with low spoons is going to be an entire truckload of both armpits and arseholes.

Yeah. My options are limited. My money, doubly so. Beloved is working on what could be a killer app IF they could get time aside from fortifying their day job against an oncoming rush season.

Life kinda sucks for me and it's not fair. And I'm sorry for whining about it to you. If you've read this far... you can paypal a donation to nutty@internutter.org and thank you for whatever you can give.