But I Wanna...

I have to notch the last post in my queue, measure a bunch of boards and cut them to size because they don't match the measurements in the PLN, mark them up for notches and then calibrate the circular saw so the notches match the PLN.

But I wanna...

  • Stay in bed
  • Do nothing
  • Zone out on fids all day
  • Binge Good Omens again
  • Eat ice cream all day
  • Catch up on Critical Role
  • Just fucking chill.


But I can't. Because baby Meep still deserves a good home and definitely deserves a decent fucking kitty shelter that isn't some polyputthekettleon-and-wire dollar shop tent with a lifespan measured in picoseconds, nor some firkin bird cage with expensive extras tacked on.


You want to look up a rort, go check out cat shelters/cages for sale online. Holy. Firkin. Shit. Those things are overpriced and undersecure. Some of them are just an elaborate damn playpen ffs.

I need to get Chaos new shoes. I should go out and get a brace of toe socks for winter. I need some cuddletime...

But I gotta finish this damn Kitty Kondo(tm) so I can house baby Meep with a clear conscience. I have NO idea how the concrete is going to go, what with the weather threatening rain through the weekend and including Monday.

I want to cry.