I may have entered Holiday Mode. In which I space out for longer than usual and take a relaxed attitude towards everything I do. Everything still gets done, no mistake.

It's just that it's way more spaced out than usual.

Who knew I was attuned to the school schedule this hard?

It's nearly seven and I haven't done shit for getting my work done. Mayhem has a Webinar tonight and a job tomorrow. It's going to be fun keeping track of those.

Meanwhile, a crackfic has waved its little feelers at me and I am falling into that temptation HARD. Because I have one person who actually wants to read it. And I need that kind of ego boost with what's happening with Beauties.

It's really bad when only one of your Betas gets back to you.




But the comments and kudos from AO3 manage to be a balm for my soul. Watching that hits counter tick up. Watching the kudos flow in. Reading people have little fits about what I wrote.

It brings meaning back into my work.

No wonder I'd rather write shiny Elf stories.

I will add a link to my AO3 account in the menu. Just so anyone can see everything I feel good about publishing. But that's happening later. I have a bus to watch for.