Challenge #01790-D329: We Know It Ain't Friendly

Biologically aquatic-capable aliens are stunned that we haven’t explored the deepest parts of our oceans, so they volunteer to go down and see what’s going on down there. And as per deathworld standards, what’s down there’s terrifying—even to us. -- TheDragonsFlame

"You really don't want to do that," the humans insisted. "We've been down there a few times, and that was plenty for us."

The Trraka, a race of highly intelligent cephalopods, scoffed at this. It was natural for an air-breathing species to be afraid of their own oceans. The Trraka had a form of sonar. There was no such thing as the dark for them. They, themselves, were not Deathworlders, but they were not as fragile as Havenworlders, either. They had means to protect themselves from anything they could find in the deep.

Protect their bodies. True. Protect their psyches... not so much.

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