So here's teh PLN

1) Write the blog for today
2) Go on a money run for cashes
3) Somehow manage to make it through this week without further expenses because cleaning this week costs me $300 out of my $400 budget
3)a. Instant Story on the daily
4) Have a birthmas on Friday


Birthmasses be expense.

My car needs coolant. I haven't sold a single album, so I can't even justify making music... or what passes for my music.

Nobody buys my books. Nobody buys my music. Nobody wants to pay for a Ko-fi. I got like 22 people giving me a dollar on Patreon and that's... cool. But it doesn't pay for much.

I can't even think of anything really scary for All Hallow's Read. I mean, the world's in the hand of xenophobic dictatorial arseholes, the amazon is on fire, the people who could do something about the state of the world choose to attack a teenaged girl rather than do anything because it's unprofitable to do otherwise.

Unless I do another two-night inspiration thing, I doubt there's going to be anything new for this year. The world is frightening enough, methinks, with all the demons among us.


If all that has gone wrong has gone wrong, I might as well throw my MS at people. They can only reject me.