PLNs, Effort, and Reward

It was a quiet weekend, all up. And, for the record, Beloved and I finally got to watch the Lego Batman Movie. The internet was right. It is the best Batman movie ever.

My PLNs for today involve the usual cleaning and writing, but also include a new discovery called Crack Slaw. To anyone who watches that video - go ahead and follow that dude. He is gorgeous.

I'll be making a variant on this deliciousness for tonight's dinner. Alas, all coleslaw packets ever made contain the wrong kind of cabbage for me, and many of them also contain capsicum, of which I am not a huge fan. So I'll be making my own 'slaw out of red cabbage, wombok, kale and carrots.

And, since Miss Chaos has decided to be fussy about fresh ingredients, some of the freshest herbs and spices I can find.

My budget, for any curious minds, is $200/week for the groceries. Anything I can scrape out of that goes towards the New Compy fund.

The effort was yesterday. Psyching myself up to spam my social media about the things I have for sale. It took a great deal of mental effort on my part, and sapped a portion of my soul

And the reward?

I sold one copy of Kung Fu Zombies. From Smashwords. And just this morning, a copy of The Amity Incident.

On the plus side: $4.42 richer. On the minus side... I expected a little more for wringing my soul out on the internet.

Maybe if I keep doing it, it will get easier. Maybe I could sell more if I keep my products in the public eye. I know I can't afford to pay people to promote my shit. I have to rely on the people who already like it to share the stuff I put out there about it.

Hope reigns eternal.

And who knows? I might get my manuscript back between now and December with some positive feedback. That would be very nice. A deal would be even better, IMHO. I can dream.

Beloved is working throughout this week, so even less time for snuggles and fun together. Though we did enjoy the Lego Batman Movie, and later had some "fun" sorting out our DVD collection.

We had way more damaged and lost disks than we thought. And loads of DVD's we'll never watch again. Our loss. St Vinnies' gain.

I wish we had more 'gain' though.