Ow, and more ow to come

Yesterday was a marathon. It involved cleaning the kids' morass of mess up so that their rooms would once again be live-able.

My back hurt so bad that it was hard to get to sleep. Or stay asleep

And now I have more of the same with an embuggerance in the middle. Because the nice ppl at QML managed to double-book my harness appointment and it's either travel to Tullagawoopwoop for one they have elsewhere, or get another appointment to see IF I can get it another day.


And in other bad news, it looks like my cat might be suffering to a point where we might have to put her down. I'm sure it's going to involve a multiple of consultations we really can't afford. And I don't want to kill my cat.

Beloved has said, numerous times, that this feline is the last pet we're getting. And I really don't know about that because I'm sure having the cat to look after has saved my willingness to live on multiple occasions.

And she's someone to talk to when there's nobody else here.

Time will tell. Trust in providence. Hope to heaven. Cry anyway.