Challenge #01354-C259: One Cheesy Dragon

This post, which lead to this art. Fic away! -- RecklessPrudence

Tara McCreedy looked down at the living sample. It stretched all six of its limbs and allowed its peculiar wings to flutter. "Okay," she allowed. "I can see what it is, I just want to know why."

"Er. This is more of a sketch," the lead scientist of this lab wouldn't meet anyone's eyes. "See, I thought it might be cool to have dragon cheese from real dragons, um... so I started with a monotreme? Because they're neither lizards nor mammals, but they give milk? Um. In succeeding generations, I'll -uh- make it look more like a dragon... and make it milk-able."

The creature dove into the water. Its wings gave it better speed and control underwater, but would not lift it an inch into the air.

"And what finishing mass did you have in mind?"

"Oh, somewhere between a pig and a cow? But -um- I can't stop making the males venomous? And there's venom in the wing claws as well? Is that going to be a problem?"

"Doctor Wells," Tara sighed, "this entire project is going to be a problem."

"Uh... but... dragon cheese?"

"It's cheese with mustard seeds in it," grated Tara. "We don't need real dragons to make dragon cheese."

Wells seemed to ponder this. "Can I keep my sketch? I've named it Kevin."

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