Commence the Unfuckening!

I'm in for some Interesting Times, this week. Friendo is coming to unriddle the ungodly mess that my home has become and maybe come up with some solutions for a more permanent state of unfucked.

I suspect a majority of the floor debris will be dealt with in one day. Making a useful system will take longer.

And in the middle of all this, I also have to budget time to do my Instant and my book contribution. Because I can't make money with housework.

Well, only if I do it for someone else, and I only have so many spoons.

Beloved is home crook because their pills are kicking their arse. But at least it's kicked in a positive direction. Lower blood sugar is good, even when it makes them feel like a bag of arseholes.

I have shopping to do, words to write, and a house to unfuck. This is going to be "fun".