Wednesday, Leyland's Tour and Rant Incoming

So here's the PLN:

  1. I do my stretchies because it's 4AM and I have the time
  2. I feed the cats [Most important!]
  3. I get dressed and strap on my knees
  4. I torture my feet
  5. I pack up my pills in a small container
  6. I haul my sorry butt off to MeMum's for an extended pickup relay and technotutorial-slash-unfucking session
  7. Haul myself home for the daily offerings.

I PLN on working on today's rant whilst out and about, thus lightening my load when I get back home.

I might do the same for the offerings. It depends on time windows, battery power, and internet availability.

Time, as always, will tell.

All the same, thank the Powers that I was able to do my shopping yesterday. Otherwise, cramming it into today or tomorrow would have made... problems for me.

I'm off to do the things! Yay!