Tuesday, PLNs in Motion

I have a couple of Leyland's Tours in the barrel. Today, after I finish my daily doses, I take off and get shopping done.

I also have to ring the people who service our sullage system and let them know that they can actually reach the machine.

Making phone calls. My kryptonite.

Still, I braved up and did it. Yay me.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mayhem with me to help MeMum with assorted shenanigans that also involve heavy lifting. Huzzah. Part of my nonsense also included making sure he gets enough sleep tonight so he can be functional tomorrow.

Fun times and a lot of travel ahead.

I'm off on my supply run and my offerings shall happen sometime after I return.

But first, I need to organise myself and make sure I am actually going to get everything we need.

See you on the flip side.