Challenge #04159-K141: Bet'cha Can't

Human, why are you painting tiny pictures of animals along the tops of the walls near the ceiling?

...because my partner said they didn't think I could. -- Anon Guest

Companion Thark initially thought they were stickers. The Humans did have their peculiar little ways when they thought a space was too bland for their liking. The most popular redecoration tool was the humble adhesive image. It was only when ze attempted to peel one off the cornice that ze realised hir humans had been more creative than that.

A stepladder, a magnifying glass and, finally, a scanner told Thark that this was a painting of a sticker. One of the Humans had been extra artistic. Or, as they might say, extra and artistic.

Thark followed the trail. From emojis to dinosaurs, to a surprisingly realistic rendition of a fhitt[1] caught in a cobweb. From there, to a horrifyingly realistic rendition of the spider.

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