Wednesday, Leyland's Tour, Shrink, and STUFF

I need meds, I need to acquire foods and maybe a few other things. I need to check out all the White Goods PPL in my zone to help MeMum narrow down brands of washing machines she needs.

So I'll also be asking to see their dumbest washing machines with a priority on a separate spin cycle. And real buttons.

It's promising to be an expensive week, this week. My flight path today includes Costco and Petbarn and that's how you know shit's going to be going to the wire.

Fortunately, I have some good old reliable cold hard cash to help out [thanks, Mum!]

I've already vented at my Shrink this morning, so the instant I'm done here.... I shut down, head off, and go on the Greater Groceries Tour.

Whee fun.

THEN when I get back and all is squared away, I make unto thee mine offerings unto the temple of notes.

Today's long-form rant will probably be about how I'm dreading the next straw on my back.

Stay tuned.