Coffee Hijinks

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Monday, Leyland's Tour Coffee Quest

Thunder is rolling so I'm cancelling my story stream. The power is getting unreliable so the internet may soon follow. I will find a way to write the offerings regardless.

As for my shenanigans, this morning... Read on:

  • Read Beloved a couple of chapters for a slow and lazy morning
  • Delivered Beloved to the train station [fed cats along the way]
  • Realised I could not linger by the shops for two firkin hours while I waited for them to open
  • Returned home, finished stretchies and foot torture treatment
  • Journeyed out again with my sights on the Good Guys to obtain a Stupid Coffemaker(tm)1
  • Cautiously navigating through DARK traffic lights along the way [faith in Humanity restored BTW. Everyone had good manners]
  • Good Guys closed because blackout. All other shops out of operation for the same problem
  • Whee, fun.
  • Head on over to Morayfield in the hopes that they're not blacked out
  • They're not
  • Acquire coffee machine and spring for the extra warranty
  • Learn coffee machine cleaning pods have to be ordered online. Grr
  • BUT at least I got my caffeine fix and my meds with it

My plan C in this case was taking an excursion to North Lakes with a stop back home so I could put on my knees and thus survive all the walking I'd have to do.

The internet's being an unreliable little B-- so I'll publish this and move to my laptop, which will accept my phone as an internet linkie.

Offerings soon. Malarky to follow.

  1. As opposed to a Smart Coffeemaker, which requires a subscription service, internet updates, and bluetooth to just firkin make some GD coffee.

Challenge #01716-D255: One Pot Screamer

Hwell Barrow gets his hands on "knurd" that Discworld drink that you wake up sober with. He drank a Lot! -- Knitnan

Shayde is old enough to remember what 'Kickapoo Joy Juice' was, and when she or her friends were studying for extreme lengths of time, she had invented 'Kikyernuts Brain Fire'. Which was a carefully-calibrated mixture of every stimulant known to mankind at the time. In a dose so strong that it was fractionally short of being lethal. She had a

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Gil and Tarvek try Agatha's "special coffee".


“Honestly, that flask says ‘Do not open’. There has to be a reason.”

“Exactly why I’m opening it. To see why[1].”

Tarvek, at least, had the sense to duck and cover.

“Some kind of liquid…” Gil sniffed cautiously. “It’s coffee!”

“It’s in a sealed container with a warning label! That alone is enough to put it back where it came from!”

“…there was something important I was supposed to remember about coffee…”

Tarvek growled. “Oh, warm it

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