Gil and Tarvek try Agatha's "special coffee".


“Honestly, that flask says ‘Do not open’. There has to be a reason.”

“Exactly why I’m opening it. To see why[1].”

Tarvek, at least, had the sense to duck and cover.

“Some kind of liquid…” Gil sniffed cautiously. “It’s coffee!”

“It’s in a sealed container with a warning label! That alone is enough to put it back where it came from!”

“…there was something important I was supposed to remember about coffee…”

Tarvek growled. “Oh, warm it up, then. I’m sure we’ll find out about it.”



“How the hell did we make this out of three rocks and a cheese grater?”

“And the container the coffee was in?” added Gil. “I can’t remember. Everything was… perfect…”


“And how do we kill it?”

“Good question.”

[1] This tells you everything you need to know about humanity in general and Sparks in particular.

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