Wednesday: Leyland's Tour Electric Boogaloo

I'm doing a tech support run-around for MeMum today, and to add complications, this was one of those days where I've had...

Fucking Sleep Issues(tm)!

Yep. Came over all tired from shenanigans yesterday [my main compy is officially unfucked now yay] and went to bed super early.

Which means I achieved consciousness in the wee small hours of this morning. On one hand - more hours to do my stretchies. On the other... I'm guaranteed to want an early night tonight.


I want to be CAFFEINATED today.

This morning was slightly disturbed by the news that Mayhem was doing APM today. He'd already rescheduled once because he was scheduled on the same day as my shrink appointment, so this is the second time that he's synced up with my other plans.

24 hours notice, thanks Buddy.

As with always when I have plans in meatspace, I shall make my best efforts to have my things out today, but if I fail, it's a twofer tomorrow.


Now I need to get dressed and torment my feet.