Challenge #04174-K156: An Object Lesson

A drunk, razzing the elf, tries to steal hir wizard's hat. Only for the hand to be burned by an angry miniature dragon trying to protect its "lair". -- Anon Guest

"I tried to warn you," said Wraithvine, who hadn't even put down hir tankard. "A wizard's hat is always protected. You're lucky the booze in your breath didn't light. That's a horrible way to go."

The drunkard was very suddenly sober, nursing a scorch on their hand. "No wand... no wands... How? How'd you do that?"

Wraithvine smiled, smug. Allowing hirself a fragment of gloating over someone who'd been an annoying ass in the last handful of minutes. Ze was functionally immortal, and not immune to a little bit of schadenfreude in the circumstances at hand. "Even I must ask permission to remove my hat," ze said.

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