Wednesday, Busy Bean

I gotta get Mayhem to APM by 11. I gotta do some shopping. I gotta get my offerings out. I gotta do some side projects. I gotta finish calibrating OBS so I can stream from Linux-land.

I should eventually figure out how to make Stencyl work here as well. Meanwhile, I can at least work on some assets.

And I wuzgunna post my Patreon stuff today as well.

At least most of my nonsense can be wrangled. OTOH, I am managing this bit with breakfast in one hand because I need the firkin multitasking to win.

By the time I'm done with coffee and pills, it should be time to take off to APM. And then I'll do the shopping run.

I can at least think up what I'm going off about on Weird Writer Wednesday.

Let's hop to it.