Challenge #04140-K122: You Want What Why?

A charity asks to get A LOT of the "sweetheart paper". They wish to sell it at a premium in order to fund a program that was building ships to better help smuggle deregger escapees from their polities to safe alliance harbors. -- Anon Guest

The first efforts were gifts to Thal's crewmates and friends. It did not take long for the word to get out from there. All it took was for one Companion to show someone else what their dear Human had done as part of their hobbywork. Thal considered the paper experiments as a byproduct of their hobbywork with sugar as an edible polymer[1]. They grew sugarcane to make their supplies from scratch.

Thal was more interested in what they could create with the sugar. The paper was just something interesting to do with the biodegradable waste. But, like any artistic type, they had made a good effort with their experiment.

The heart-shaped paper smelled sweet, and had been coloured red, pink, and at least one was a shade of magenta. Thal had also been experimenting with handmade dyes. Pink was a favourite, as it was decidedly non-threatening. Pink was too light to be the colour of anyone's blood, and not as eye-burningly harsh as magenta[2].

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