Challenge #04139-K121: Honesty Aggression

A wizard, fed up with people lying just so they can get other people humiliated, hurt, or worse, begins cursing those that habitual liars so that they lose the ability to lie, not in spoken or written word. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine got the blame, as ze does for most magnificent acts of magic. Nobody else could have the time or motivation to do what had been done to Ymamoraal. So they said.

Never underestimate the power and devotion of a pissed-off autistic Wizard.

Tired of the 'normal' folks' daily regime of setting her up for humiliation, she set about imbuing and invoking runes all over Ymamoraal. In the stones, on the slates of the roofs. In the upright beams and in the lintels. Day and night, anywhere that Asimaev found that was out of the way and overlooked.

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