Friday, Ongoing Shenanigans

I have, perhaps, a handful of hours to make and post my offerings before I am called to QPP-fetching duty.

I have yet to clean the catio, but I have ferried Mayhem out to get his work clothes, all paid for by the nice PPL at APM. He even got a free beanie out of it.

I will get to the catio after I make my offerings.

I also need to talk to the Stencyl Discord about the latest nonsense happening with trying to test the dang program so far. It's all about sound nonsense and how to strip a file of its metadata.

I also need to compile a list of fellow authors on Tumblr so I can beg them for boosts with a sufficient gap betwixt beggings.

All carefully calculated so I don't become annoying on the internet.

I might ask Neil Gaiman on the first of October. As well as pretty close to now.

Fingers crossed, I get that audience.