Thursday, Day 0, Procrastination

Plague news:

  • 19 932 new cases
  • 89 638 total active cases
  • 835 hospitalisations
  • 52 in the ICU
  • and 11 new deaths
  • 6 318 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 321 959 national doses
  • 60 746 Qld doses
  • 9 090 ACT doses
  • 101 572 NSW doses
  • 3 166 NT doses
  • 23 491 SA doses
  • 6 370 Tas doses
  • 76 918 Vic doses
  • 40 606 WA doses

I have just today realised that I've skipped out on editing my novel or my anthology for most of the week. Better get on to some of that today. Finish checking the titles, start counting the footnotes and so forth. Thankfully a decent search can figure out if I've miscounted somewhere, and then it's up to me to track it down if I have.

Pro tip: if you use footnotes like I do, then searching for "[1" should give 111 results if you have two hundred or over footnotes. Like I do this year.

Similarly, leaving yourself a bookmark like "TK" in the text can help you find where you left off. It's an uncommon consonant linkage and therefore easily searchable. If you want it to mean something, it can stand for "To Korrect". Just like "OK" originates from "Oll Korrect" in Victorian-era memespeak. [The More You Know Gif]

I am constantly on the lookout for techniques that make my work easier. I even figure out a few.

I've done most of a riverside in TaleSpire, which may have been a mistake. I'll be getting onto the actual chambers later on in the day. Just like I'll be getting back to editing Adapting later on.

I have "quick edits" in which the simple fixes are accepted, and the "slow edits" in which I find a happy medium between what I like and what my editor likes. Nevertheless, progress is being made. Hooray.

In the news:

  • Tennis Snowflake has invested heavily in post-plague treatment via pharmacorp
  • Unvaxxed/antivax singer deliberately catches the plague, dies. Shocker
  • Different tennis star says many players have the plague and refuse to be tested. Stay classy
  • Antivax voicebox told she won't be allowed into Aus
  • Two plague treatment pills approved by Aus
  • Sports star speaks out about the government's attempts to "silence" him. Not exactly working, is it, Chuckles?
  • England gives up on Plague Prevention Enforcement
  • War might break out in Europe
  • Technology saves lives! Drone delivers defibrillator to heart attack patient.

Enough of that nonsense. Time for my other nonsense.