Challenge #03305-I017: One Arrow, No Problems

They enter a village under siege. The village's heavy gates on their walls slammed shut not long after they'd arrived with a near army of zealots and slavers banging at the gates trying to force their way through. This "army" has already destroyed many villages, killed many innocents, and now they were trying to get this one. And worse, this village was backed into a box valley. It may now be up to young Kevin to help save them, along with help from his friends and family. -- Anon Guest

Ma Oxbrydl would not let Kevin go to the walls to see why they were locked in. He was allowed to climb one of the towers so long as it was well out of bowshot. Well. Enemy bowshot. Wraithvine came with him, because the immortal Wizard had the ability to create magical shields at will.

Ma Oxbrydl was allegedly looking for Venin, somewhere in the town below. Kevin had worried, at least once, that she was going to "sort out" the attackers. Which would turn out very badly for the people on the other side of the one wall of Hodlvale.

There were quite a lot of them. They were building siege weapons.

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