Tuesday, Patreon, Lining Things Up

Guy Councilman1 came by to see what the hell was up with the sullage system and I was able to float my idea for a permanent sullage garden. Turns out that those plns will involve different stuff to the things we already paid money for.

There's going to be a trench to dig and different pipes and different sprinklers and it's going to CO$T so part of getting that all together is going to be negotiating payment rates. Yaaaayyy...

::distressed author noises::

Give you an idea, I said it's probably going to cost us four figures and Councilman did not deny it. FUN.

On the plus side, it is going to solve the continuing troubles we're having with the dang unit.

We did not need this happening at Christmas Season.

We can barely get our shit together for Crimbolio.

...and speaking of shit to organise...

I still need to trim 300 words from my summary, prep for the 500 word summary, and get going on summarising the next book.

And then I get rattling on publisher hunting.

I have not failed until I have failed completely. And I have not done that until I have failed my whole life.

But Powers damn it, it sucks shower hair to be failing this long and that often. I need income. Lots more income than I'm making.

Also needed is the rest of the nonsense. Patreon posts, fic tagging, dungeon tweaking, and the mandatory daily stream.

I also have to call the vet because Pippi is due for some shots.

Guess which is the most stressful for me today?

Yeah. The phone call.

Let's get on with getting on.

  1. Not his real name.