Challenge #03628-I340: Safety and Security

The tug is brought back to the station, the owners are told what happened, but are not angry at the kids, like Oz, is only greatly disappointed. However, the kids must face consequences for their behavior, and the parents are going to get a SERIOUS lesson in child-care, and a long talking-to. -- Lessons

It's universally agreed that eight and under is a bit young for Grand Theft Space Tug. There was going to be a full inquisition, starting with why none of these kids had Safety Bracelets or Anklets on their persons.

The parents were a united community who had chosen "moral reasons" to opt out of the relatively new Safety Bracelet Program. Things like this always happened when stations became part of Alliance Territory. They used to be able to do as they pleased on the Edge, but the rules were there for a reason and many parents can be completely unreasonable.

"We are not tracking our babies like animals," was one argument. "I refuse to let The Man know where and when my child is vulnerable to their paid assaulters[1]," was another. There were many, many more.

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