Wednesday, Continuing Shenanigans

I have individuated thirty chapters for Mum's ease of access and... she can't access them for some reason -_- fml...

I asked her what she meant by "it won't Expand" but there was no indication about that from her. Fun stuff. I might find out at a later hour. I might have to go there and find out in person.

Not tomorrow, since I am helping Beloved with funerary arrangements and doing the whole prop-up and support thing. I shall be tasked with selecting pictures for the service as well.

Maybe the day after.

Today, I am doing my Wordpress thing, possibly about the Content Creator's Union. I am also individuating fifteen chapters, summarising five chapters, and set-dressing at least two chambers of dungeon for my players to dragon in.

THEN I get to chill about things.

There was no date night, last week, and I understand entirely why. Beloved has more than enough on her plate. I don't know if there will be a date tonight.

There's lots of other stuff to worry about.

My 50th birthday is upcoming and I am pondering doing an All Hallows Read to celebrate. I'll throw it at my writing group first. See if they like it.

And then I have to figure out how to mash together a cover out of my extant art programs. Huzzah. It's been a long, long time between stories.

I can feel my mojo coming back. So that's something.

A little something. A tiny victory. Allow me to play the world's smallest trumpet when timing allows.

For now, there is a story to share. Let's have that.