Thursday, Wise Words of Bullwinkle

Every now and again, things fuck up SO greatly that the only recourse is to start all over again. With the wisest words of Bullwinkle J. Moose:

This time fer sure!

Today is one of those days. Allow me to elaborate...

  1. Saturday 10th: Beloved and I do the Park Run. Since the only available vehicle was my zippy little car, Beloved took the key fob that would allow it to stay locked.
  2. Said key fob was returned to me when we got back to the car.
  3. Said key went back into my bag with all the other nonsense.
  4. Tuesday 13th: I do a cans run without any trouble. Didn't bother locking my car because who would steal a car at a recycling place?
  5. Beloved goes out to fetch food in my car, thus revealing the fact that the key fob must have fallen out of my bag at some point
  6. Wednesday 14th: (Yesterday) I had PLNs to go Crimbo present shopping. Which required the ability to lock the car because ANYONE can steal a car at the shops
  7. UNBEKNOWNST to me, Beloved found the fob on the night before. She had it in her purse the whole time during the following points.
  8. Beloved went to work with my fob in her possession while I did my daily nonsense
  9. I went to go search my car, with the plan of evicting all the garbage within my car and hoping the fob would turn up after that.
  10. Of fucking course, no fob.
  11. I went through the car top to bottom. I moved seating. I rearranged the tilt of the backs of the seating. I moved the seating again.
  12. I argued with both of our kids about the possibility that the fob could be literally anywhere else BUT in the car.
  13. Finally, to prove a point, I tried to start the car.
  14. Which would not work if the fob was present.
  16. ((((: Alright, sweaty ((((: Something's gone amiss, here ((((:
  17. Call beloved
  18. "Oh I found it last night, put it in my purse, and forgot. Whoopsiedoodles."
  19. Mustnotmurderwaifu.jpg

I now have the fob and can plausibly continue with my PLNs.

Except I feel really crook this morning and IDK what's up.


Can I curl up in a corner and cry now? Please?