Challenge #04058-K040: Starting With Staples

I made over five centuries this time. Of that, I get to keep 5 decades and the other four and a half centuries the Alliance takes from me to pay for taxes. Yeah that does seem like a lot, that I only get to keep ten percent of what I earn, but I don't mind at all. It helps a lot of people With my 5 decades, I now, maybe, have enough to fix this old clunker of a ship. And, of course, if I am careful, I can put in a kitchen to cook REAL food this time, not just printed. I can't wait! -- Anon Guest

There are very few legal ways to make five Centuries. Keep that in mind. One of them is to make or share something so incredibly useful that the Seconds mount up to Years, Decades and, well... you know.

I had three such strokes of genius. So I'm lucky in that way.

Dereggers are horrified about the taxes I pay. Four hundred and fifty Years of my earnings go to the greater good and I get to keep "only" five Decades.

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